What make girls happy?

Published December 17, 2011 by matchsoul


So you’ve got the girl of your dreams. How do you keep her? This is a guide for all those hopelessly lost men.

Admit when you’re wrong and don’t be too stubborn. If you really messed up, you might want to plan a special date to apologize. When you’re wrong, don’t act like it was her fault. Don’t just apologize, though – back it up with actions. And always give her a cooling period if she’s really mad, and then offer to work it out. Remember, communication and compromise works, not talking it out doesn’t.

Go out of your way to spend time with her but give her some space too. Try to clear enough time for a romantic dinner or, more casually, a movie. If it’s just not possible, at least make the effort to talk to her, but don’t overdo it.

Don’t nag. Don’t seem too needy; she’ll find it annoying. Don’t act like she should be grateful for your company, either


2 comments on “What make girls happy?

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