Published November 29, 2011 by matchsoul

Improve Togetherness Through Great Workouts

Did you know that finding fulfillment as a couple has a lot to do with engaging in a wide variety of activities together?

It is my contention that exercise is just one of many activities that men and women can do together without compromise!

Maybe you’re a fitness guru and he’s a couch potato, or perhaps you favor your spin class on Saturday mornings while your spouse bulks up on the weight machines.


If your goal is to use even your exercise hour to spend more time together, you can merge your workouts together and find fitness harmony!

Forget arguing over who gets the better workout at the gym or who can outrun the other. Instead, try circuit training as a fun and challenging way to get in shape together, motivate one another and have something new to talk about when it’s over.


Set a schedule to meet one another at the gym three days a week after work and make a commitment to stick to it for at least a month. Focus on whole body exercises that don’t require loading and unloading stacks of weights!

Your goal for circuit training should be to merge strength training with cardio so that both of you get what you need, you get it in less than 45 minutes, and you get it together.

Make sure to balance out new exercise activities with ones that both of you enjoy. Incorporating a fitness routine that means something to each person is important in order to stay motivated as well as allowing your partner to be part of your enjoyment!



Try these circuit training exercises to get you started:

  • Walking lunges. Challenging but with instant results, your legs will get toned! Walk in synchronization and motivate one another to make it to the end of the rep.
  • Push-ups. Whether you are doing these side by side or in front of one another, watch the other person’s posture. Correct them (kindly of course!) and motivate them to make it to a new record! If they can only do five push-ups, push them to do six and so on.
  • Squats. Squats are another challenging exercise but one you can be more successful with when you have a partner alongside you. With your feet shoulder wide apart, lower your body and bend at the hips while exhaling. As you inhale, come back up controlled and slow.
  • Abs are perfect for couples! Don’t neglect those abs! Lying down on your back with your hands behind your head, pull up with your abdominal muscles. As your spine comes off the floor, twist your abs to the left, straighten out, come back down and come up by twisting to the right. Repeat this 6-8 times.
    Alternatively, try lying on the floor with your feet pointing toward one another in a crunch position and tossing a medicine ball back and forth. I have found that my wife and I always kept each other motivated and found ways to have fun in the midst an otherwise routine workout.

Warm up together and engage in chit chat before moving onto your first set. Switch places with one another in between sets and try to go at the same pace as one another to stay motivated and to eliminate working out separately (even if you consciously don’t mean to.)

Remember, the goal is not only to get your exercise in but to do it together as a couple!


Have you found working out together with your partner improves either sex, love and/or togetherness?
Please do share your stories with other readers in the comments below


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