Published November 14, 2011 by matchsoul

 Where Are You Mom

Mom, can you
here my cry for you, can you feel the need I hold, my desperate need to talk to

I know you
had to far, I know it’s so much better for you there because you are all. But,
I just don’t know how to live without you here. My life is not the life it was
when you were here with me, dear Mom.

You were
always the one I ran to when my heart was aching or I just couldn’t take
anymore of life’s hard knocks.

You were the
one who understood and held me without trying to tell me ways to solve all my
problems or change my attitude, unless I ask.

You always
knew how to make me smile through all of the tears.

You always
made the world seem like it wasn’t such a cold, bad place after all.

You warmed
my aching heart until the pain was absolved in the magic of your touch and the
smooth comfort of your voice calling me “Your Precious One.”

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