Published November 14, 2011 by matchsoul

What Is Growing With Love?

A Child Is a Child

Learn to see the world through your child’s eyes. Give up the illusion that your child is a miniature adult. You promote a child’s growth better by embracing immaturity than by fighting it.

Foster Optimism

A child brings loads of hope and good cheer into this world. Teach your child to look life’s obstacles squarely in the eye, but never, ever scare your child into becoming a pessimist.

Cultivate Inner Happiness

The greatest gift you can give your child is a sturdy fortress of inner happiness. Outward happiness always will be fleeting and uncertain without this inward foundation.

You Are Your Child’s Ideal

If you come across as perpetually unhappy with your child, always acting tough and talking negatively, then your child will expect and want that unhappiness–and will do whatever it takes to get more of it. Do not teach your child to seek unhappiness.

Happy Children Behave

Parenting is not “behavior modification.” Cultivating your child’s inner happiness is what really leads to good behavior. Chances are your child will behave better if you spend less time trying to change his or her behavior.

Provide Quantity Time

On one side are all the reasons you do not have any to give. On the other are the great rewards you and your child will reap when you manage to do so. Make the effort. Quality Time does not make up for a lack of Quantity Time.

Attention Breeds Independence

Lots of loving attention will make your child independent. Let go of those worries that you will spoil your child, or make your child needy and dependent, by providing too much attention.

Capture the Middle Ground

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