Published November 14, 2011 by matchsoul

Do you have puffy eyes or Under-eyes Circles?

the cause is a few long days or too many restless nights, you’ve probably dealt
with both at one time or another.

If your solution is to splash a little cold water on your face or
grab a concealer, stop right there. There’s more that you can do to unpack
those under-eye bags and prevent eye puffiness. These simple tips from skin
care pros can get you started.

What Causes Dark Under-Eye Circles

Dark circles, or bags under your eyes, have many causes. These

Increased melanin (also called hyperpigmentation)

Fat loss beneath the eye

Broken blood vessels

Hard living — too much caffeine and tobacco and too little sleep
— is a less common cause of eye puffiness and bags.

6 Solutions for Under-Eye
Circles and Bags

Try these tips for brightening your baby blues or bodacious

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