what 5 things men likes in women

Published November 5, 2011 by matchsoul


OK, ladies; you see a guy you like, and you’re unsure how to attract him. Although all guys are different, there are some things all guys like in a woman. Some things are so alluring that they cannot be ignored.

• Strength

Most men these days like a strong woman. A woman who can hold her own can be seen as very alluring. It’s that a woman can look after she can be attractive to a man. If a woman is too dependent on a man, then she may come across as needy and clingy. The idea is that; “Desperation is the worst perfume”. On the other side is that being too strong is seen as over-bearing. Displaying too much strength (emotional, physical or otherwise) can make you appear like a ‘Control Freak’. This will scare off men. Finding the middle ground is great, but not impossible. Holding your own, without smothering or controlling him will grab his interest

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